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Vand karaffel nr.1 Old Swedish 1800 century mouth blown water carafe in twisted glass.
Height: 29cm.
item no: 
473963 Old 1800 century mouth blown glass carafe with leaf vine grinding.
Height: 20cm.
item no: 
459687 Fine old liquor glass carafe with fine grindings.
H:26cm. Dia:8,5 cm.
item no: 
Vand karaffel nr.6 Swedish 1800 Century a water-bottle hand-blown glass twisted.
H: 27cm. Dia. :10,5cm.
item no: 
whisky karaffel med sølv kant Fine, old square whiskey decanter in glass with fine silver border. (stamped)
item no: 
Vand karaffel nr.4 Swedish 1800 century water decanter in mouth-blown twisted glass.
H: 27cm. Dia. :10,3cm.
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Rødvins karaffel / kande Old red wine decanter of glass with cut pattern, with handles and lid in stained silver.
item no: 
vand karaffel 1 Swedish 18th century water carafe in twisted mouth-blown glass.
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